Our know-how

Our factory installed in Buzançais for more than 80 years, is specialized in the manufacture and the commercialization of insulating refractory bricks intended for the industry.

Insulating refractory bricks ?

These are so-called white bricks, using pure clays purchased from French farmers.
They are of parallelepidic shape, shape and standard quality. It is a product whose origins are very distant and whose properties and benefits have been constant for many decades.


Our activity is available throughout France but also and above all abroad. More than 80% of our turnover comes from exports.

The presence of firebrick is very early in the production cycle. End-uses are multiple.
The clientele consists exclusively of manufacturers. They are found in various sectors (glassware, foundry, steel, primary aluminum production, ceramics, sanitary, potters, leisure ovens, synthetic gems …).