Our society

The first refractory manufacturing plant has been installed on the Buzançais site for more than 80 years. His name is still in the memories, “ the siliceous products “.

The family-owned business was sold in 1991 to an international group: HEPWORTH .
This group sold 1996 its entire Hepworth Refractories branch to an American group: ALPINE .
This group then acquired the American American Group, which resulted in 1997 in the FIRST REFRACTORIES group.
The entire Group was subsequently acquired in 1999 by the VESUVIUS division of the COOKSON PLC group.

The Vesuvius Group has undertaken major concentration and rationalization of its various production units around the world. In 2003 , the Vesuvius Group decided to withdraw from the activity of insulating refractory products .

In December 2003, the company regained its independence under the responsibility of its former Chief Executive Officer, Didier Pessiot.

The company retains its former name: PREMIER REFRACTORIES France but adopts a new brand: IFB REFRACTORIES which will become its corporate name in 2010.

IFB is the acronym for: Insulating Fire Brick which is the generic name used throughout the world for Insulating Refractory Bricks for the industry.