Our history

IFB Refractories is known for its alliance of tradition and modernity.

For over 100 years, IFB Refractories has stood tall, crafting quality and performant refractory products that have shaped industrial projects worldwide. Our plant in Buzançais carries a long history. But our traditions are not just about the past; it continues to inspire us today in our commitments to a more sustainable and energy-efficient manufacturing.

As an example of these traditions we often mention the water savings management. To compensate for limited water resources, raw materials were and are still stored outside for weeks to capture as much rainwater as possible, reducing the use of piped water.

Our commitment to quality, performant and sustainable products help us to remain at the forefront of our industry.


The first manufacturing plant is set up at the Buzançais site. It will later be called “siliceous products”.

IFB photo 1919

Between 1991 and 2003

The company is part of the Hepworth, Alpine, Premier Refractories and Vesuvius groups.


The company regained its independence under the chairmanship of Didier Pessiot, who developed it internationally.


Jean-Luc Lesage, an experienced engineer (former senior executive of the Saint-Gobain Group) takes over IFB group to ensure its continued development.

IFB Refractories, awarded the EPV (Living Heritage Company) label in 2018, is proud of its long experience and will continue to put its excellence in the field of insulating refractories at the service of its customers.