Insulating fire bricks serve various important functions in critical industrial applications, including :

  1. Poviding the best thermal insulation.
  2. Enduring physical stresses and preventing erosion of vessel walls.
  3. Offering the best resistance against corrosion.

IFB Refractories produces a wide range of insulating fire bricks made from pure clays from our quarries or purchased from French operators.

They are used in installations operating at high or very high temperatures (1050° to 1550°) and offer a high insulating capacity.

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IFB flagship: 13-11 range

IFB Refractories flagship bricks for

  • The aluminium industry
  • The glass industry
  • The lime industry
  • Rotary kilns

Complete range of insulating fire bricks up to 1550˚C.

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High cold crushing strength
  • Low permanent linear change
  • Sustainable production

Machined bricks available in custom designed shapes.

  • All kinds of complex shapes
  • Great experience in gluing
  • Sustainable production

Trusted and proven monolithic for critical industrial applications.

  • High temperature resistance
  • Brick colour matching
  • Dry or ready to use