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IFB Refractories flagship range for years and worldwide well known for its technical properties.

The 13-11 has shaped more than 500 projects overseas by some of the most demanding industrials in the aluminium, glass, lime and other industries. IFB Refractories produces more than 1M of 13-11 bricks every year in its plant in Buzançais, in the centre of France.




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Key figures of the 13-11

IFB Refractories flagship brick for years and worldwide well known for its technical properties specifically for demanding industries

bricks manufactured

+ 1M of 13-11 bricks manufactured every year

Sold to +50 different clients


Used in more than +500 projects 

Industry standard for more than 30 years

100% Made in France

The technical specifications

The 13-11

IFB Refractories’ iconic product, the 13-11 brick offers high mechanical properties with a cold crushing strength over 6.5 Mpa and a thermal conductivity at 0.44 W/m.K at 1000°C. It has become an industry standard for heavy operations like in the glass industry.

The 13-11 E

A variation of our iconic product 13-11, the 13-11-E brick is best in class in terms of mechanical properties with a cold crushing strength over 8 Mpa and a thermal conductivity of 0.46 W/m.K at 1000°C. It is particularly well suited for very heavy operations like for rotary kilns or in the aluminium industry for anode baking furnaces.

13-11 range
13-11 range

Curved 13-11

Several applications require girded insulated fire bricks for the kilns. IFB Refractories has a great experience in shaping the 13-11 for different application. Don’t hesitate to reach out to work on the right shaping.

Example of a rotary kiln. The 13-11 will cover the yellow part

Example of applications

Four Aluminium


Insulating fire bricks are vital in aluminum production, especially during alumina electrolysis. Placed at the bottom of electrolysis pots, these bricks bear significant loads, requiring a notable cold crushing strength, as demonstrated by our ALU 13B brick designed specifically for aluminum applications.
They also find essential use in anode baking furnaces, serving a primary insulating role within the walls. In the secondary aluminum transformation, these bricks utilize their inherent insulating properties to conserve energy and protect metallic casings.

Glass bouteille


The manufacturing of glass products involves an initial melting phase followed by a forming process. Melting tanks are substantial infrastructures in which extreme levels of temperature are reached.
Insulating Fire Bricks are pivotal in focusing heat at the core of the process. Specifically, our types 13-11 and 13-11E are commonly applied at the melter’s base or for tall vertical walls. Additionally, types 28, 26, 23, and PS complete the insulation throughout various stages of the global process, depending on the temperature requirements.

Lime & Rotary kilns

Rotary kilns demand outstanding insulation and mechanical properties due to their cylindrical shape and exposure to high heat. Positioned between the process lining and the external casing, insulating fire bricks not only serve the crucial role of thermal insulation but also endure significant mechanical stresses.
Depending on the cold crushing strength required our type 13-11 (min CCS>6.5MPa) and 13-11E (min CCS>8 Mpa) are particularly well suited. Both bricks are shaped to be placed against the cylindric walls.