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IFB Refractories is «EPV», Living Heritage Company

We are proud to be part of the EPV, Entreprise du Patrimoine-vivant, in France.

Entreprise du Patrimoine vivant (Living Heritage Company) is an official French label issued under the authority of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, to distinguish French companies with craft and industrial know-how judged to be of excellence. In the face of global competition and trade globalisation, recognition of “made in France” can sometimes be difficult. In order to simplify the identification of craftsmen and industries mastering rare skills, the EPV label was created under the aegis of the public authorities and is based on a very rigorous selection procedure, its aim being to highlight the high technicality, creativity or cultural significance of manufacturing activity. IFB is a company that has existed since 1928, manufacturing products with the quality of 100% made in France using natural and local raw materials and exporting 85 % of its production.

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